Know-how combined with passion

Our team

Our employees are committed to the well-being of animals.
Get to know some of our qualified and committed team members.

Management Board

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Victor Baltus

Managing Director

For him, the establishment of a clinic group is an important step towards the future of veterinary medicine. His vision is to provide animals nationwide with a wide range of high-quality medical services.

Sonja Rachor

CFO, Prokuristin

As a tax consultant, certified auditor and with her experience as Financial Director and her enthusiasm for horses, she supports the clinics in all business matters. This enables the clinics to fully concentrate on the care of the animals.

Business Support

Dr. Erik Bergman

Chief Medical Officer International

Jan Bergmann

Junior Controller

Manuel Erath

Head of Business Development & M&A

Tina Falkenberg

HR Specialist

Verena Feldmann

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

Franziska Ferkmann

Einkauf & Marketing

Sabine Gerstenmaier

Human Resources Manager

Rika Große-Oetringhaus

Support Altano Academy

Birte Hegge

Operations Manager

Kim Meiwald

Support Operations Manager

Sara Schwaaf

Finance Manager

Inka Urner-Joesch

Head of HR

Hella von Lützau

Assistant to CEO