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Die Altano Gruppe

The Altano Gruppe offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the field of veterinary medicine. Our vision is to continue to expand the group and to bring together the most prestigious hospitals and medical practices across the nation. As a network of experts, we can provide professional expertise and set new standards in veterinary care.

Each Altano Gruppe location is working on a high professional level. Experience and know-how with different treatment foci are gathered at the clinics. Through constant exchange within the group, we ensure optimal veterinary care in all areas.

The Altano Medical Board includes the top medical specialists of the clinics. They discuss current medical findings and consult on the introduction of new processes and innovative technology. Our goal: a uniform treatment standard in all network facilities.

We build the Altano Gruppe sites into centres of excellence. By specialising and pooling expertise, we can offer excellent treatments that go far beyond basic and standard care. Animals and their owners benefit from this.

The Altano Gruppe gains highly motivated, competent experts through support in marketing and personnel development. Employees benefit from a wide range of training and development programmes. They are supported according to their areas of interest.
Training authorisation for various fields of expertise in the German specialist veterinarian field and the European College enable specialisation that meets the requirements of the constantly expanding level of knowledge in veterinary medicine.

The joint purchasing of medications and resources increases the economic efficiency of the Altano Gruppe. A financially strong partner enables investments and the establishment of centres of excellence in various fields of expertise. An increase in the number of cases ensures maximum efficiency. With Altano, clinic operations and administration are optimised throughout the group.

To ensure the quality of medicine at the various locations, the Altano Gruppe has invested in optimal working materials and innovative technology. Together, we plan clinic expansions as well as any required purchases and organise these centrally. This means that patients in the various regions have optimal diagnostic and therapeutic options at their disposal.

As the Altano Gruppe, we create working conditions that enable us to meet family and professional challenges. We make an active contribution to balancing work and family life with flexible working time models. This enables us to retain highly qualified employees at the clinics over the long term. A good working atmosphere and a positive corporate culture is what is important to us. This means that the team can concentrate on the recovery of the animals.

In the Altano Gruppe, we support each other and solve problems quickly and easily. Bottlenecks caused by staff shortages are solved immediately. This is how we can guarantee constant supply quality.

By joining the Altano Gruppe, clinics and practices benefit from a professional network. At the same time, they enjoy operational autonomy and a high degree of personal responsibility. The veterinarians remain employed at the autonomous veterinary clinic and continue to be members of the respective veterinary association and pension fund. The clinic’s successful philosophy, with its employees and customers, is mirrored throughout the group. Decisions are always made for the well-being of the animals.

Altano is the right partner for those who want to transfer their area of responsibility with a clear conscience. We offer comprehensive succession planning options and look for solutions that are satisfactory to all parties. In this way, the network provides security for employees and customers and the work of a lifetime is continued.