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Our speciality fields

Specialist fields

The Altano Gruppe offers a comprehensive range of services in all departments and centres of its clinics. Animal well-being is close to our hearts. Our goal is to provide you with care at the highest level. We achieve this with the most modern technology, state of the art therapy methods and medical competence. Here you will find information on our specialist areas:


Orthopaedic horse surgery focuses on diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy, bursoscopy and tenoscopy, and more and more on osteosynthesis.

The focus of the soft tissue surgery centre for horses is on colic surgery and emergency surgery in case of injuries. In addition, castrations, surgical interventions on foals (umbilical hernia, urinary bladder rupture), the removal of tumours and various methods of laryngeal surgery are routinely carried out. Rarely, caesarean sections are also performed.


The diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders, lameness, limb malpositions, back pain and ease of riding problems are a major focus of equine medicine. In addition to clinical examinations, the Altano Gruppe clinics use modern imaging diagnostics and a wide range of established and innovative forms of therapy. In addition to orthopaedic surgery, joint and tendon injections and hoof correction/orthopaedic shoeing, regenerative medicine (IRAP, PRP, stem cell therapy) is increasingly being used.

Imaging diagnostics

The clinical examination is supplemented by various imaging procedures. The main focus is on x-ray examination to visualise bony structures and ultrasonography, which can be used to visualise soft tissue structures such as tendons, tendon sheaths and ligaments as well as bone surfaces, joint areas and cartilage layers. In the case of unclear clinical findings and areas that are difficult to access radiographically (spinal column, pelvis), scintigraphy can be used to determine increased metabolic activity and inflammation focal points on the bones. Endoscopy is mainly used in the diagnosis of the upper and lower respiratory tract (laryngoscopy, air sac endoscopy, bronchoscopy) and for gastroscopy. It is also used in dentistry and gynaecology. Computed tomography is a sectional imaging technique based on X-rays. It is used to examine bony structures of the head, e.g. in dentistry and in diseases of the limbs and cervical spine. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the newest diagnostic procedures in equine medicine. It enables the visualisation of the soft tissue composition of the lower limbs of a standing horse.

Purchase examinations

The national and international purchase examinations include an extensive clinical and standard X-ray examination as well as supplementary further examinations (ultrasonography, endoscopy, laboratory examinations, medication examinations). In addition, the Altano Gruppe clinics are responsible for auctions and examinations for breed certifications in various German breeding regions.

Internal medicine

Internal medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of colic, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as sports and foal medicine, geriatrics and skin, metabolism and immune diseases. In addition to clinical examinations, the Altano Gruppe clinics also have access to advanced imaging diagnostics and state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostics.

Intensive care medicine

Modern equipped intensive care areas offer the possibility of intensive medical care for colic patients, internal medical emergencies (e.g. acute organ failure) as well as injured horses and new-born foals 24/7. Patients can be regularly examined clinically and diagnostically using a laboratory. Individual therapy measures guarantee optimal care for intensive care patients.


Specialised ophthalmologic centres enable early diagnosis and therapy of eye diseases in horses. In addition to conservative therapy with eye ointments at continuous intervals, surgical interventions are performed under general anaesthesia (e.g. vitrectomy, conjunctival flap) and numerous operations are performed while standing under sedation and local anaesthesia (e.g. removal of the eyeball, intraocular prostheses).


The dental treatment departments are equipped with digital mouth and sinus endoscopes, a high-pressure rinsing and compressed air system for cleaning teeth, as well as state-of-the-art tools for dental treatment and extraction. In addition to routine outpatient or inpatient dental care, surgical procedures such as incisor and molar tooth extractions on standing horses and periodontal treatment can be performed.

Reproductive medicine

Reproductive medicine deals with the reproduction of the horse. It includes gynaecology (cycle diagnostics, fertility and pregnancy disorders, rideability problems), andrology (breeding suitability examination of the stallion, spermatological examination) and biotechnology (artificial insemination with fresh and frozen semen, embryo transfer, ovum pick).

Complementary medicine

In addition to orthodox medicine, various alternative treatment methods (chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, homoeopathy) are used to support healing.