Advancement combined with specialisation

Our apprenticeship and advanced training programme

Apprenticeship and Advanced Training

The goal of the Altano Gruppe is the optimal medical care of patients. We achieve this with committed, qualified employees who are always up to date and motivate each other to perform at their best. With the Altano Gruppe training and advanced education programme, we specifically support employees and help them to advance their education in line with their main interests.

Continuous and advanced training of veterinarians

The Altano Gruppe strives for the best possible professional development of its veterinarians. In addition to clinical training for patients, this includes a continuous exchange of knowledge. The latest medical findings and procedures are discussed in the Medical Board by the top physicians in the clinics and passed on in regular seminars. New scientific findings are shared in journal clubs and internal events and long years of clinical experience are exchanged at the various locations. The Altano Gruppe supports further qualification through external training courses and congresses in Germany and abroad by assuming costs and paid leave. By summarising relevant topics, the training participants gain new insights from colleagues from the Altano Gruppe.


After motivated, responsible veterinarians successfully complete their studies, the Altano Gruppe offers them the opportunity to expand their skills in theory and practice. They can extend their diagnostic and therapeutic skills in daily practice at a horse clinic in various locations. Career starters gain experience in a 12-month internship programme under the guidance of recognised veterinarians and graduates in various specialist areas. The focus is on the care of hospitalised patients during day, night and weekend shifts. Committed veterinarians are given the opportunity to prepare a dissertation during this time. After completing the internship, the veterinarians are optimally prepared for training as a specialist veterinarian, residency training or ambulatory practice.

Specialist veterinarian and graduate education

The Altano Gruppe is committed to the specialisation of its employees in order to promote the growth of knowledge in veterinary medicine.
At the national level, quality assurance in the veterinary profession is regulated by the label "Specialist Veterinarian" (FTA). During the four-year training period to become a specialist veterinarian, a performance catalogue, a specific number of case reports and scientific publications and participation in specialist advanced training events and FTA modules are completed. The Altano Gruppe clinics are authorised to carry out advanced training in the fields of equine specialist veterinarian, equine orthopaedic specialist veterinarian, equine surgeon specialist veterinarian, equine ophthalmologist, reproductive medicine specialist veterinarian, equine reproductive medicine specialist veterinarian, animal nutrition and dietetics specialist veterinarian, zoo and wildlife specialist veterinarian and tropical medicine specialist veterinarian.

At a European level, specialist training is regulated by the European colleges of various disciplines. The colleges are Europe-wide networks of specialists who are jointly involved in the advanced training to become "Graduate of the European College" and define the standards of the college in one statute. The three-year, full-time ("standard residency") or five-to-seven-year, part-time ("alternative residency") training at a recognised training institution comprises clinical training, regular journal clubs, scientific publications in international journals and a centralised examination lasting several days. The graduates must be re-evaluated every five years by the colleges in accordance with the requirements of their statutes. The Altano Gruppe clinics are recognised as educational institutions of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine (ECEIM) and the European College of Animal Reproduction (ECAR). This makes advanced training possible to become an ECEIM or ECAR graduate under direct supervision of a graduate at a clinic recognised by the European College ("standard residency") or a part-time training in close contact with a graduate at another clinic of the Altano Gruppe.

Apprenticeship to become a veterinary assistant (TMFA)

Young, motivated people with a sense of responsibility, a willingness to learn, social competence and experience in dealing with horses can complete training as a TMFA (veterinary assistant) in the Altano Gruppe clinics. After a period of familiarisation, the trainees rotate through various specialist areas, attend vocational school once or twice a week and reach a high level of theoretical and practical qualification in our clinics. The Altano Gruppe apprenticeship catalogue ensures that all necessary theoretical and practical knowledge is taught and tested in the clinics. Particular attention is paid to intensive care medicine and emergency management. In addition to the veterinarian, the TMFA takes on important tasks such as communication with the patient’s owner, laboratory work, preparation and assistance in surgical procedures as well as documentation and booking of the services rendered. They ensure that hygiene regulations are adhered to in the practice and that the veterinary pharmacy is up to date. The day-to-day work in the Altano Gruppe clinics demands a high level of commitment. The sound training with animals regularly leads to above average results, which opens many doors on the job market.

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