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Altano is a group with a mutual understanding of quality, professionalism and collaboration. We are committed to the highest standards of veterinary care. We achieve this through close cooperation and an exchange of know-how and experience. Our guiding motto: All for the well-being of the animals.

As part of the Altano Gruppe, veterinary clinics and practices benefit from the following services:

→ Improvement of medical standards, exchange of knowledge on the Medical Board, support in complying with "Best Veterinary Practice" and with special issues

→ Joint purchasing of medicines and medical equipment, financing of clinical expansions or major acquisitions

→ Support in administrative, legal and business management issues

→ Recruitment of employees, planning and implementation of training and further education, organisation of advanced training events as well as promotion of specialisation and competence centres

→ Individual succession planning in the event of a withdrawal from the clinic management or a transfer of the practice to the next generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages of merging with the Altano Gruppe. This includes, for example: close cooperation, exchange of knowledge, Support with business management topics.

We know that employees are the soul of the company. Their commitment, qualification and empathy are the hallmarks of a clinic or practice. As the Altano Gruppe, we create a good working atmosphere and promote motivation through further education and training.

The brand name remains the same. They have earned themselves a reputation over the years, that we appreciate and respect as Altano. It is important to us that pet owners recognize their contact point.

We are looking for suitable partners in the entire German-speaking area. These can be horse clinics, as well as general veterinary practices. It would be best if you called us for a first non-binding discussion.

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You want to know how you can become a part of Altano? Or would you like to know more about how the Altano Group works? Then give us a call or send us your questions and ideas.

Altano Gruppe
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»We have found a partner in the Altano Gruppe who shares our ambitions and supports our growth strategy. Our common goal is to build up the leading clinic group for equine medicine in Germany.«
Dr. Ulrich Walliser
Horse Clinic in Kirchheim

»With the Altano Gruppe, I was able to securely arrange for the succession of my clinic for my employees and customers on a long-term basis. At the same time, under the Altano Gruppe umbrella, I have been offered every opportunity to achieve our most important goal: To provide patients with even better medical care both quickly and at a higher level of quality.«
Dr. Victor Baltus
Karthaus Veterinary Clinic

»The merger of leading horse clinics in Germany by the Altano Gruppe is progressive and allows us a highly qualified, professional exchange where our patients, customers and employees may all benefit«
Dr. Stefan von Bieberstein
Bieberstein Horse Clinic

»In Ufenau and the Altano Gruppe, we have found a partner who has a suitable understanding of the market and with whom we are on an equal footing to further broaden our horse clinic sustainably.«
Dr. Holger Fischer
Großwallstadt Horse Clinic

Dr. Uwe Heidbrink
»We see the merger with the Altano Gruppe and Ufenau as a trend-setting move for the further development of already highly qualified horse clinics. Through this collaboration, it will be possible for the clinics to both continue to advance equine medicine as well as work in a structured manner on a long-term basis. Together, we will be able to guarantee young veterinarians highly qualified training and further education in the future. We are really looking forward to the collaboration.«
Dr. Uwe Heidbrink
Horse Clinic at Kirchberg

-	Dr. Philipp Lingens and Dr. Stefan Tietje
»We welcome the fact that the Altano Gruppe has created a platform for a regular medical and business exchange. The cooperation and joint training of young veterinarians makes it possible to provide highly qualified education for employees in various specialist areas and to offer them long-term development prospects«
- Dr. Philipp Lingens and Dr. Stefan Tietje
Ankum Horse Clinic