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Merger with Højgård Hestehospital Odense

01—06—2021 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with Højgård Hestehospital Odense

The Altano Group GmbH is a merger of leading equine clinics and practices, initially in German-speaking countries. With SMDC in the Netherlands and Florian Lackner's Hästklinik in Sweden, we were able to win the first clinics outside of Germany for the group. It became apparent that veterinary medicine has the same challenges and opportunities across countries, because what unites everyone is a passion for animals, a commitment to the profession and the quest for more knowledge. This drive and the opportunities for further development come together in the Altano Group, making it the leading group of equine clinics in Europe. In addition to providing the best medical care, we strive to be the employer of the future for our employees. The international transfer of knowledge and the cohesion of the group are key to this.

We are therefore particularly pleased to further develop this international orientation of the Group and warmly welcome our first member in Denmark: Højgård Hestehospital, Odense, with the Board of Directors Michael Hansen and Jonas Rasmussen and CEO Dorthe Rasmussen together with the Executive Management Board Søren Ladefoged, Martin Hjorth Jensen, Lars Bak and Rikke Munk Andersen will be affiliated to Altano Denmark from 25 May 2021.

Every day, a team of 53 employees from 9 countries including 15 veterinarians give their best to their patients with passion, expertise and a lot of personality. The team is made up of various specialists so that they cover all aspects of the horse's health as well as all equestrian disciplines.

Højgård Hestehospital includes in-hospital and outgoing services, both with 24 hours coverage. The well-equipped clinic includes operation theatre, intern medicine facilities, several treatment facilities, indoor extermination hall, equestrian hall, MRI, scientigraphy, x-ray, fitness, laboratory, pharmacy and extensive out-door facilities. 62 horses can be hospitalised including intensive care and surveillance. Interns are accommodated at the clinic.

Højgård Hestehospital Odense is working closely with Højgård Hesteklinik Århus in Højbjerg and Hestedoktoren in Kirke Hyllinge, as well as Højgård Hestepraksis in Øster Assels and Højgård Hesteklinik in Vodskov.

Dr. Victor Baltus: "Højgård Hestehospital Odense is a particularly valuable member for our group. We are sharing the same values and passion for the welfare of horses and are looking forward to expand the Altano International Network in Denmark. We are very happy to welcome the whole team to our group!"

Michael Hansen and Jonas Rasmussen: "We are also very pleased being a member of the Altano family. Already with Højgård Hestehospital A/S we could experience the many advantages of a merger and look forward to the now extended possibilities of international exchange."

Merger with Hästklinik Florian L AB in Sweden

06—01—2021 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with Hästklinik Florian L AB in Sweden

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Hästklinik Florian L AB (HKF) in Sweden as a new member of our group at the turn of the year. With this cooperation, we are not only expanding the internationality, but especially the competence and the level of knowledge of our group.

With the new building in Kungsbacka in 2019 in addition to the clinic in Landvetter, HKF has two highly modern equipped locations in the area Gothenburg. As a diagnostic centre, Hästklinik Florian L AB offers high-quality treatments and physiotherapy for horses, especially for sport horses. In addition to state-of-the-art techniques such as ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy and shock wave therapy, the clinic also has a new MRI.

We are proud to welcome Dr. Florian Lackner and his ambitious and dedicated team of further 5 veterinarians and 10 employees as a new member.

Merger with the veterinary practice Gabrin

04—01—2021 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with the veterinary practice Gabrin

New year, new happiness! We are particularly pleased to start the year 2021 with a new member. The Gabrin veterinary practice in the idyllic town of Dettighofen will now be run as an independent branch of Tierärztliches Kompetenzzentrum Wehr Altano GmbH. Dr. Wolfgang Gabrin and his small but excellent team have been taking care of big and small animal friends for over 30 years.

The practice offers digital X-rays, ultrasound and endoscopy for horses. Farm animals are also looked after by the practice and given the best possible care. For small animals, there is also an operation and treatment room available, which enables soft tissue surgery, such as castration, tumour operations and much more.

The connection to the veterinary hospital in Wehr extends the catchment area and the range of services offered. Welcome to the group.

Merger with the practice Apel

01—09—2020 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with the practice Apel

Turbulent times lie behind us. All the more reason for us to be pleased about positive news!

We welcome the veterinary practice Dr. Apel in Krefeld, which joined our group on September 1st.
Not far from the A 57, exit Charlotterring, the practice is located close to the Krefeld racecourse and is also expanding our catchment area into the Ruhr area as a referral practice of the horse clinic Karthaus in Dülmen.

The practice was founded in the 1960s by Dr. Gandras and Dr. Stieger. In 1980, Dr. Gerd Apel joined the group practice as an assistant and has been the sole director since 1985, first as a partner and later as the sole manager.
Dr. Gerd Apel and his team, consisting of one additional veterinarian and 3 employees, is specialized in the veterinary care of horses. In addition to orthopedics, internal medicine and diagnostics, the practice is very active in the race track service, not least because of its good connections.

With two very well equipped vehicles, the team cares for patients within a radius of 80 km around the clock.
Also in the spirit of Altano the racehorse we are very happy to welcome the practice in our group and thus strengthen our competence in this field.

Merger with the horse clinic Dallgow

08—01—2020 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with the horse clinic Dallgow

We are looking forward to start 2020 as the previous year ended, with growth!
With the horse clinic Dallgow Altano GmbH in the west of Berlin, we can now extend the Altano Group into the east and cover the whole of Germany.

Under the direction of the equine specialists Dr. Ulrich Püllen and Dr. Nadine Richter, the clinic specialises in the veterinary care of horses. With four treatment rooms, an operating room for classical as well as minimally invasive procedures and a computer tomograph, the clinic is equipped with modern facilities. In addition, 25 boxes and an isolation ward are available for inpatient stays and intensive monitoring.

The clinic's range of services extends from surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology and dentistry to gynaecology. Alternative healing methods such as surgery and acupuncture expand the treatment spectrum and offer the best possibilities in the field of health care. In addition, patients have access to state-of-the-art medical diagnostics, such as scintigraphy. In cooperation with the Free University of Berlin, the nuclear medical procedure is also applied to dogs.

The dedicated clinic team of 18 employees, 7 of whom are veterinarians, works around the clock under the motto "efficient therapy for the well-being of your animal" which also corresponds to the objectives of the Altano Group.

Merger with the horse and small animal practice Dr. Jenter

08—01—2020 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with the horse and small animal practice Dr. Jenter

In Mariental, surrounded by fields and with a view of the forest, the horse and small animal practice is located not far from the historic monastery grounds. As a branch of the Pferdeklinik Destedt GmbH, the practice is under the medical management of Dr. Matthias Jenter. With 30 years of experience and a highly qualified team of 17 employees including 7 veterinarians, the practice is committed to the well-being of horses and small animals and is a considerable asset to the Altano Group.

Modernly equipped with a laboratory, an operating room including a recovery box and a treatment room, the patient "horse" is offered a wide range of services. In addition to surgery, internal medicine and orthopaedics, eye and dentistry treatments are carried out. Innovative therapy offers, such as the treatment of joint diseases with stem cells or IRAP as well as shock wave treatment for tendon damage and arthrosis, ensure the best possible care and aftercare of the patients. Furthermore, the practice has 6 boxes for in-patients and offers a 24-hour emergency service for horses.

In the small animal department, dogs, cats and pets receive the best possible care. In the modernly equipped treatment rooms, examinations and interventions in the fields of surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, internal medicine as well as ophthalmology and dentistry are carried out.

The close connection to the horse clinic Destedt strengthens both locations, bundles competencies and further expands the Altano Group to ensure optimal care for patients.

3. issue employee magazine

03—01—2020 (Altano Gruppe) 3.  issue employee magazine

From the first issue of the employee magazine to the current issue, one year has passed. In this year, we as a group have achieved a lot!

In addition to an updated clinic overview, this magazine introduces the veterinary competence centre Karthaus GmbH and the veterinary centre for horses in Kirchheim Altano GmbH.
In the Altano team overview you can see our updated orangigram. Furthermore, you will learn more about Verena Feldmann and Franziska Große-Oetringhaus. 
Afterwards we report on the last 6th Medical Board and the practice manager days last summer. 

We wish you much pleasure reading!

further Information (pdf)

6. Medical Board Meeting in Dülmen

03—12—2019 (Altano Gruppe) 6. Medical Board Meeting in Dülmen

he 6th Medical Board took place on 15 and 16 November in Dülmen, on the premises of the veterinary clinic Karthaus. 29 senior veterinarians from the affiliated clinics met in the seminar room of the Altano Group. Dr. Victor Baltus welcomed the participants and together with Sonja Rachor presented the current developments and topics of the Altano Group. After a short refreshment our newest members had the opportunity to introduce themselves. In their presentations, the Jaenich Horse and Small Animal Practice, the Horse Clinic in Trier, the Dr. Schneichel Veterinary Clinic and the SMDC from the Netherlands gave an overview of their clinics as well as their ideas and wishes for the group.

This informative prelude was followed by the more relaxed part. A bus took us first to the Hofhotel Grothues-Potthoff for check-in and then to Münster. During a historical city tour the group was introduced to the city and the history of Münster from the perspective of a contemporary witness. With cold temperatures just above freezing point, the joy was great as the evening ended in the Ratskeller with good food and hot as well as cold drinks.

Partly with little sleep but after a good breakfast we continued our journey Saturday morning at 8.00 am. Right at the beginning Dr. Markus Brinkschulte presented the CT development in the Altano Group and its advantages. Dr. Ingrid Hornig presented an innovative endoscope, which is particularly suitable for use in racing due to its easy handling and the implementation of the latest requirements. Afterwards Prof. Karsten Feige informed the participants about the new GPM hygiene guide, which was published in October 2019 and serves as an aid for implementing a hygiene concept in the clinic. After a short refreshment Prof. Christoph Lischer went into the new training concept and presented it for discussion. 

Finally, the leaders of the project teams presented their results on the topics of joint treatments, supplementary feed, laboratories and training concept in dentistry. Dr. Uwe Heidbrink reported on the recommendation for joint treatments, which was drawn up by the project team after discussions with the manufacturers and made available to all clinics. In the area of supplementary feed, Christiane von Süßkind-Schwendi is working on a guide to the most important products with corresponding composition and application guidelines. The objective of the project team Laboratories under the project management of Dr. Monica Venner is to crystallize the best partners for laboratory work. The group was newly founded by Souel Maleh and Dr. Timo Zwick "Training Concept in Dentistry" to develop and establish an attractive training program in the field of dentistry.

Two informative days with many topics are behind us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their excellent cooperation and are particularly pleased with the results of the working groups.

Merger with SMDC - Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre - in the Netherlands

02—10—2019 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with SMDC - Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre - in the Netherlands

The Altano Gruppe continues to grow and will be represented internationally from October 2019. With the Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre (SMDC) we have an excellent partner to lay the foundation for the international expansion of the group in the Netherlands. 

With Dr. Erik Bergman, Dr. Frans van Toor and their team we could win top veterinarians for the group. With over 30 years of experience in the veterinary care of sport horses, they founded the SMDC in 2015. With 5 veterinarians and 7 other employees, the centre works daily to improve multidisciplinary orthopaedic care. Correct diagnosis, a tailor-made treatment plan and optimal aftercare are the top priorities.

Specialized in sports medicine, the SMDC offers a wide range of services for the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of the equine musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves). In addition to X-rays, ultrasonography, UTC and endoscopy, scintigraphy and MRI are also available in the field of diagnostics.

Dr. Erik Bergman: "The orthopaedic, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in combination with teamwork and experience lead to the best possible care for our patients. The Altano Gruppe supports us in this conviction and enables a highly qualified, professional exchange for the optimization of medical care".

Merger with Pferde- und Kleintierpraxis Team Jaenich in Empfingen

01—10—2019 (Altano Gruppe) Merger with Pferde- und Kleintierpraxis Team Jaenich in Empfingen

In the southwest of Germany, near the A 81 and the B 463, lies the Pferde- und Kleintierpraxis Team Jaenich in Empfingen, which we are pleased to welcome as the newest member of the Altano Gruppe. The practice was founded in 1994 by Dr. Ulrich Jaenich and Klaus Kimmich and has been managed by Dr. Jaenich since 2016. For optimal cooperation and networking in the region, the practice is now run as a branch of the Veterinary Centre for Horses in Kirchheim Altano GmbH.

With 18 employees, including 6 veterinarians, the care and support of the horses is guaranteed around the clock. From the well-equipped driving practice with X-ray, sonography and endoscopy to colic surgery, the practice offers a wide spectrum of veterinary services.

In the area of small animals, planned operations are performed in addition to daily care. Emergency care on weekends is provided in alternation with other practices.

The health and well-being of the animal are always at the forefront of every action. This principle of the Empfingen branch corresponds to the guiding principle of the Altano Gruppe and is continued by the Veterinary Centre for Horses in Kirchheim Altano GmbH.

Merger with the Destedt Horse Clinic

02—01—2019 (Altano Gruppe)

The Gut Destedt Horse Clinic in Lower Saxony is a new Altano member and serves customers in the greater Hanover area. Founded in 1997, the clinic has an operating theatre with modern equipment, a dental clinic, two treatment rooms and 10 horse stalls, one of which can be used as an insulating box. Managing Director Dr. Rüdiger Beier and his wife Dr. Monica Venner’s team consists of 16 employees, including 8 veterinarians and cares for approx. 3200 horses and 600 small animals per year. The clinic covers the entire spectrum of equine medicine in the mobile and inpatient care of the patient. Our own veterinarians offer treatments at the highest medical level in the fields of internal medicine, gynaecology, foal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology and surgery. In addition, the clinic has a small animal practice, coordinated with a network of external specialists to ensure optimal care.

Managing Director Dr. Rüdiger Beier is pleased about the merger with the Altano Gruppe. "The Pferdeklinik Destedt GmbH is pleased to belong to the Altano Gruppe. We see the merger of horse clinics in the Altona Group as a good strategy to further improve the standard of professional competence in the future, to optimise the organisation in the administrative area and to guarantee a high degree of security for the employees. 

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, adds: "Due to the central location and the modern expansion of the clinic, all patients benefit from being part of the Altano network. This now consists of ten horse clinics and offers comprehensive professional care for the animals. I am very pleased about the collaboration with the successfully established horse clinic in Central Germany."

Merger with the Altforweiler Horse Clinic

16—12—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Altforweiler Horse Clinic in Saarland is a new Altano member located in the border triangle and serves customers from France, Luxembourg and Germany. Founded in 1993, the clinic has 29 stalls, an operating theatre, three treatment rooms, a dental clinic and a scintigraphy. Managing Director Dr. Andreas Rupp’s team consists of 21 employees, including 7 veterinarians, and treats approx. 2100 patients per year. The clinic covers the entire spectrum of equine medicine in the mobile and inpatient care of the patient. Three specialist veterinarians for horses and one ECVS graduate work at the highest medical level, specialising in orthopaedics, surgery and colic surgery. A highly utilised horse transporter enables the transport of patients to the Altforweiler Horse Clinic.

Managing Director Dr. Andreas Rupp is pleased about the merger with the Altano Gruppe: "The Pferdeklinik Altforweiler GmbH is also happy to now belong to the Altano Gruppe. With this merger, it is will be possible for us to work in a future-oriented way and to further expand our site. Through the assistance in the administrative area, we hope to have more freedom for our professional activity again and continued development as veterinarians. This will benefit our customers, our veterinarians and the whole Altano Gruppe. By cooperating with the individual specialists in the other Altano Gruppe clinics, we hope to achieve exciting things in the future." Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, adds: "Due to its location in the Saarland, the clinic offers customers from France, Luxembourg and Germany the opportunity to be optimally cared for in a clinic within the Altano Gruppe. I am very pleased about the cooperation with the modern horse clinic, which enables optimal medical care of patients from my home country of Luxembourg."

Medical Board Meeting in Bavaria

26—11—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

On November 22 and 23, the Kirchberg Horse Clinic invited the members of the Medical Board and Medical Advisory Board to the 4th Medical Board Meeting with a subsequent tour of the Kirchberg Horse Clinic. Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, presented the development of the Altano Gruppe. Last year, the Altano Gruppe grew into the leading horse clinic group in German-speaking countries. Dr. Baltus was particularly pleased with the very productive academic exchange within the group, which is supported by the regular meetings of the Medical Board. The use of synergy effects and the knowledge transfer within the group was demonstrated by the acquisition of an overground endoscope, which is available to the Altano Gruppe clinics. Central topics of the Medical Board Meeting were clinic documentation and personnel issues.

With regard to clinic documentation, the new procurement examination protocol developed by GPM, new X-ray guidelines and the optimised use of the EasyVet practice management software were presented. Mr. Thomas Fraedrich, founder and managing director of VetZ, explained, among other things, the advantages of the case system and the use of the findings forms and answered questions from the participants of the Medical Board.

To support the transfer of knowledge, the veterinarian Elisabeth Bank presented her diagnostic approach and many years of therapeutic experience with skin diseases of horses in a lecture on dermatology.

Employees of the Altano clinics benefit from the general GPM membership via the Altano Gruppe, a varied, discounted advanced training programme in the Altano clinics and regular online advanced training in the "Altano Club." The "Altano Club" started with a summary of the gynaecological, internal medicine and surgical-orthopaedic contents of this year's BEVA Congress and was enthusiastically received by the veterinarians of the Altano Gruppe. 26 TMFAs from the Altano Gruppe clinics were supported in their participation in advanced training for TMFA at the Foundation of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover at the beginning of November, which focused not only on gaining specialist knowledge but also on personal contact.

The introduction of the "Altano connect" exchange programme at all employee levels on a voluntary basis and the development of an Altano trainee programme to support specialist veterinarian training in the Altano Gruppe clinics are planned for 2019. In addition, the HR section of the Medical Board presented the biannual employee newspaper and the "Employees recruit employees" campaign.

The one-and-a-half day programme was concluded with the appointment of project teams to deal with specific issues and the presentation of the Altforweiler Horse Clinic as the newest member of the Altano Gruppe.

Equine Medicine Award 2018 for Dr. Elisa Dorrego-Keiter

21—11—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

During the Gerald F. Schusser Symposium in Baden-Baden held on 17-18 November 2018, Dr. Elisa Dorrego-Keiter from the Tierärztlichen Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus GmbH presented the results of her dissertation. For the outstanding publication titled "Long-term results of pars plana vitrectomy as a function of leptospiral antibody detection in the vitreous humour of 118 horses with Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU)", the specialist veterinarian for horses was awarded the PEM - Pferdeheilkunde - Equine Medicine Award 2018.

Medical Board Meeting in Bavaria

30—07—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The members of the Medical Board and Steering Committees met on July 20 and 21, 2018, for the 3rd Medical Board Meeting followed by a summer party at the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, the newest member of the Altano Gruppe. In the presentation of the Altano Vision by Dr. Baltus, Managing Director of the Altano Gruppe, it became clear that it is the declared goal of the clinic group to further advance the medical development of the individual clinics through the existing know-how and joint experience.

On the highly motivated team, which consists of 133 veterinarians and 354 employees, specialisation is to be promoted, with a focus on continuing and advanced education and training as well as knowledge transfer between clinics, universities and human medicine. The very constructive discussions between the representatives of the individual clinics on the topics of joint purchasing, uniform treatment contracts and marketing strategies focused on optimising the organisational, economic and forensic aspects of equine medicine. Technically intensive discussions were held in the different topic blocks on the Best Veterinary Practice. discussions were held. The exchange between the clinicians with different experiences in using bisphosphonates and the scientific background information of Professor Feige and Professor Lischer, who are consultants on the Steering Committee of the Medical Board, clarified the possibilities which the academic exchange offers for the optimisation of diagnostics and treatment possibilities.

During the brief presentation of the new Altano members by the managing directors of the Ankum Horse Clinic, the Partners Wehr Veterinary Clinic and the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, regional differences in the composition of the customer base and the degree of specialisation became clear. During a guided tour of the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, the members of the Medical Board experienced the complexity of the various animal species and the specialisation in the newly set up, perfectly planned dental station. On the second day of the Medical Board meeting, three project groups discussed the optimal equipment in a dental cart, the procedure for optimising X-ray technology in the Altano Gruppe and the improvement of communication within and outside the clinic group. In addition to the technical exchange, the participants of the 3rd Medical Board Meeting had the opportunity to ride together in the harvest wagon behind Dr. Fitzs Lanz’s tractor, to take part in numerous personal discussions on the sidelines of the Medical Board and the big summer party to mark the 30th anniversary of the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic. We are looking forward to the next Medical Board.

Merger with the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic

21—07—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The newest Altano member is the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, the largest veterinary clinic in Bavaria and one of the five largest veterinary clinics in Germany.

The veterinary clinic, founded in 1998 on the edge of the Augsburg Westliche Wälder Nature Park, is being managed in the interim and long term by the six partners Dr. Erben, Dr. Fitz, Dr. Heuschmann, Dr. Schernthaner, Dr. v. Walde and Dr. Zwick.  A total of 112 employees, including 45 veterinarians, look after approx. 4800 regular horse customers, 7500 small animal owners and 450 cattle farms every year. With the motto "real doctors treat more than one species", animals of all kinds, from hamsters to elephants, are treated by veterinarians in all disciplines, with horses accounting for more than 40% of veterinary turnover. In addition to the outpatient care of the patients in the home stable with 22 vehicles and a rescue transporter, 62 horse stalls are available in the clinic to enable the best possible care and treatment of the animals. The veterinary clinic has four operating theatres and 12 treatment rooms. Because the dental health of the horses has become more and more important, a dental clinic with four treatment areas was established in the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, where all diagnostic and virtually all surgical treatment on standing horses can be done with minimally invasive methods by six veterinarians.

Dr. Fitz expressed his relief "The Altano Gruppe ensures the cohesion of the various animal species for our clinic. The success of our clinic is based on this diversity - we grew up together.  Altano gives our younger colleagues a secure future without financial risk in the "Champions League" of veterinary medicine."

Dr. Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, was very pleased about the now even closer collaboration with the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic. "The Altano Gruppe succeeded in achieving a milestone with the merger with one of the top veterinary clinics in Germany."

Merger with the Partners Wehr Veterinary Clinic

18—07—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Partners Veterinary Clinic in the picturesque southern Black Forest is a new Altano member in the Basel area and offers optimal transport connections for customers from Germany, France and Switzerland. The clinic, founded in 1993 under the management of the three senior partners Dr. Friedrich Andres, Dr. Joachim Onderka and Dr. Ulrich Wernitz and the two junior partners, Elisabeth Bank and Dr. Kerstin Stubbe, has 13 stalls and three treatment rooms in a generously sized building with an indoor and outdoor riding arena. A total of 30 employees, including ten veterinarians, work for the clinic. During the last 3 years, they have treated over 4000 small animals and over 4000 horses both in the clinic and in the mobile practice.  The clinic covers the entire spectrum of equine medicine and small animal medicine, with a focus on the care of sports and leisure horses, dermatology, geriatrics, cardiology, gynaecology, surgery and feeding advice. 

Dr. Friedrich Andres is pleased about the merger with the Altano Gruppe "The professionalism of Ufenau and Altano has impressed us from the beginning. We are happy and proud to belong to this great group of first-class veterinarians. In order to improve continuous and advanced education and training, we would like to enable our employees to gain experience in other Altano Gruppe clinics. “

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, is also pleased about the merger with the Partners Veterinary Clinic: "We look forward to working with our colleagues at Partners Veterinary Clinic. Due to its location in the border triangle, the clinic offers customers from Germany, Switzerland and France the opportunity for optimal care in an Altano Gruppe clinic."

Merger with the Ankum Horse Clinic

23—05—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Pferdeklinik Ankum GmbH is the first clinic in Lower Saxony to become a new member of the Altano Gruppe. The horse clinic was founded in 2007 in Osnabrück, Germany, with an in-patient section, mainly managed by Dr. Stefan Tietje, and a partially mobile practice under the management of Dr. Philipp Lingens.

The inpatient surgical care of emergencies, especially colic operations (> 60/year) and the intensive care of patients around the clock, 365 days a year, takes place in close academic contact with the surrounding veterinary practices.  The mobile practice provides fast and flexible general medical, orthopaedic and gynaecological care as well as stock management, sports medicine support and first aid for emergencies on site. One focus is on purchase and sales examinations, including clinical and radiological examinations within the framework of Hanoverian auctions and stallion selections.

In addition to the two managing directors, who will manage the Ankum Horse Clinic on a long-term basis, 23 employees, including nine veterinarians, treat around 9,000 patients annually.

Dr. Philipp Lingens and Dr. Stefan Tietje are looking forward to working with the Altano Gruppe: "We welcome the fact that the Altano Gruppe has created a platform for a regular medical and business exchange. The cooperation and joint training of young veterinarians makes it possible to provide highly qualified education for employees in various specialist areas and to offer them long-term development prospects."

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, adds: "I am delighted that the merger with the Pferdeklinik Ankum GmbH in regional association with the Tierärztlichen Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus GmbH will enable constructive cooperation with two outstanding colleagues.”

Merger with the Kirchberg Horse Clinic

02—05—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Kirchberg Horse Clinic in the south of Munich is a new member of the Altano Gruppe. The state-of-the-art clinic was founded in 2011 between Holzkirchen and Bad Tölz by Dr. Uwe Heidbrink and offers a full range of equine medicine services including colic surgery. The focus is on orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery and imaging diagnostics. The modern equipped clinic has a Hallmarq MRI. The 23 highly qualified employees, including seven veterinarians, treat around 3500 patients annually. Dr. Uwe Heidbrink has an excellent reputation of more than 20 years in the field of orthopaedics and surgery and works as a consultant surgeon.  The Kirchberg Horse Clinic is a training centre for the training of specialist veterinarians for horses and surgery.

Dr. Uwe Heidbrink, who will be managing director of the Kirchberg Horse Clinic Altano GmbH: “We see the merger with the Altano Gruppe and Ufenau as a trend-setting move for the further development of already highly qualified horse clinics. Through this collaboration, it will be possible for the clinics to both continue advance equine medicine as well as work in a structured manner on a long-term basis. Together, we will be able to guarantee young veterinarians highly qualified training and further education in the future. We are really looking forward to the cooperation.”

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, sums up: "I am very pleased that the Altano vision is becoming a reality and that, within one year, five clinics and one equine practice have become members of the Altano Gruppe."

Merger with the Bieberstein Horse Clinic

05—04—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Bieberstein Horse Clinic in the Cham region near Regensburg was founded in 1996 by Dr. Stefan von Bieberstein. With a focus on surgery, it has earned an excellent reputation as a referral clinic far beyond the Bavarian forest and offers the entire spectrum of equine medicine, from mobile practice to dental treatment. The clinic benefits from good cooperation with specialists from other clinics. The 17 highly qualified employees, including six veterinarians, treat around 2000 patients annually.

Dr. von Bieberstein, who will continue to manage the Bieberstein Altano GmbH Horse Clinic in the interim: “The merger of leading horse clinics in Germany by Ufenau and the Altano Gruppe is progressive and allows us a highly qualified, professional exchange where our patients, customers and employees all benefit.”

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe GmbH, adds: "I am delighted that another highly qualified clinic has been added to the Altano Gruppe."

Merger with the Dr. Helling Veterinary Practice

05—04—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The first merger with a referral practice has enhanced the Altano Gruppe. The Dr. Helling Veterinary Practice was founded more than 20 years ago by Dr. Andreas Maria Helling in Dorsten. The six employees, including three veterinarians, treat horses and small animals. The practice in the southern Münsterland region ideally fits into the Altano Gruppe due to its regional connection to the Tierärztlichen Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus GmbH as a referral practice. Dr. Helling will lead the practice until 01 August as branch manager. After this, management will be taken over by the veterinarian Marc Ebbinghaus, who currently works on the team of the Tierklinik Karthaus GmbH with a focus on orthopaedics and mobile practice.

Dr. Helling, branch manager of the Dr. Helling Veterinary Practice: I am glad that my life's work will be passed on to technically competent hands and that my patients will be well provided for."

Veterinarian Marc Ebbinghaus, future branch manager of the Dr. Helling Veterinary Practice, looks forward to his new responsibilities: "The future responsibilities as branch manager of the Dr. Helling Veterinary Practice in Dorsten make it possible for me to work in close solidarity with the Tierärztlichen Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus on a technically high level and profit from the knowledge transfer."

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe GmbH, adds: "We are striving for good cooperation with the various veterinary practices in the region who are linked to the centres of excellence. By jointly organising night and weekend services and training young colleagues, these collaborations make it possible to keep the veterinary profession attractive in the long term and to guarantee optimal patient care.”

Merger with the Großwallstadt Horse Clinic

12—01—2018 (Altano Gruppe)

The Grosswallstadt Horse Clinic is a leading regional clinic specialising in equine diagnostics and surgery. The 53 highly qualified employees treat around 6,000 patients annually. In addition to the general range of equine medical treatment and therapy, the horse clinic has earned an excellent reputation in surgery, equine dentistry, regenerative equine medicine including stem cell therapies and sports medicine. The clinic also has its own rehabilitation centre where horses can be cared for after their treatments. As part of the merger with the Grosswallstadt Horse Clinic, two other renowned veterinarians, Dr. Holger Fischer and Mr. Souel Maleh, were also acquired.

Dr. Holger Fischer, Managing Director of the Grosswallstadt Horse Clinic: “In Ufenau and the Altano Gruppe, we have found a partner who has a suitable understanding of the market and with whom we are on an equal footing to further broaden our horse clinic sustainably.”

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe GmbH, adds: "This merger is another important step to strengthen our regional presence in the Rhine-Main region. We are very pleased to have found another partner for the Group in the Grosswallstadt Horse Clinic."

Merger with the Horse Clinic in Kirchheim unter Teck

26—09—2017 (Altano Gruppe)

The newest member of the Altano Gruppe is the Kirchheim Horse Clinic. With magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, and scintigraphy, the clinic has gained an outstanding reputation in imaging diagnostics in Baden-Württemberg. The 37 highly qualified employees treat around 4,000 patients annually. 

Dr. Ulrich Walliser, Managing Director of the Horse Clinic in Kirchheim: “We have found a partner in Ufenau and the Altano Gruppe who shares our ambitions and supports our growth strategy. Our common goal is to build up the leading clinic group for equine medicine in Germany.”

Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of the Altano Gruppe, adds: "This merger is an important step with a signal effect which strengthens the regional presence of the group in southern Germany. We look forward to the joint expansion of the horse clinic group."